Fortune of the Day

14 Oct

I checked my crystal ball and I see a bright and sunny day for you! Which means it is going to be a good day! So smile and enjoy the day! :)

Rusty Doodle Fortune telling


21 Sep

Heard this song called “Soulmate” by Natasha Bedingfield for the first time at a wedding today. The song strike a chord with me that I felt compelled to create a doodle for it. I did the whole doodle while listening to the song on repeat mode.

For all the lonely souls looking for their soulmates out there.

Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate

If you are keen to listen to the song …

Remember to Smile

17 Sep

It is the middle of the week! If you are overwhelmed with work or going through something stressful or even if you are already happy, here is a smile balloon for you!

Rusty Doodle - Smile Balloon

There is something magical about balloons which puts me in a good mood. Perhaps it is the association with birthday parties, festivals and cheerful events! So I hope this little doodle brightens your day too! Sorry if you are afraid of balloons!

Remember to Smile! It just makes everything a little better.

Cute Kids Halloween Ideas

12 Sep

In preparation for Halloween, I have created these little Halloween costume characters for my online store.

Rusty Doodle Kids Halloween Costumes Design

You may have noticed in my past few posts and in particular this post that the new style that I am meddling with lately is trying to fit clothes on tiny disproportionate body characters. There is something about it that just puts me in a good mood. I think it is because it reminds me of toddlers who make me smile. :D

So of the above Halloween costume characters, who is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section!

Exotic Meat At A Supermarket Near You

10 Sep


Spot the exotic meat! :)

Crocodile Meat At A Supermarket


I was looking at the Korean style marinated meats on the right side of the photo and feeling impressed by the supermarket’s selection given that it is not a Korean speciality supermarket. I suppose the Korea wave is big in Singapore.

But boy I have no idea that crocodile meat is so readily available. Yes, that is the exotic meat in my perspective. There must be a market somehow.

I don’t recall ever eating crocodile meat. The most exotic meat I have tried is deer, frog and turtle. However, I did watched a TV show where they passed off fried crocodile meat as fried chicken in a bucket that says KFC with the text Kuiaba Fried Crocodile in small text. The people on the show did not suspect anything although they find the meat to be a little different from what they are used to eating in their home country. 

So what exotic meats are available in your supermarket or what are the exotic meats that you have tried?



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