Remember to Smile

17 Sep

It is the middle of the week! If you are overwhelmed with work or going through something stressful or even if you are already happy, here is a smile balloon for you!

Rusty Doodle - Smile Balloon

There is something magical about balloons which puts me in a good mood. Perhaps it is the association with birthday parties, festivals and cheerful events! So I hope this little doodle brightens your day too! Sorry if you are afraid of balloons!

Remember to Smile! It just makes everything a little better.

Cute Kids Halloween Ideas

12 Sep

In preparation for Halloween, I have created these little Halloween costume characters for my online store.

Rusty Doodle Kids Halloween Costumes Design

You may have noticed in my past few posts and in particular this post that the new style that I am meddling with lately is trying to fit clothes on tiny disproportionate body characters. There is something about it that just puts me in a good mood. I think it is because it reminds me of toddlers who make me smile. :D

So of the above Halloween costume characters, who is your favourite? Let me know in the comments section!

Exotic Meat At A Supermarket Near You

10 Sep


Spot the exotic meat! :)

Crocodile Meat At A Supermarket


I was looking at the Korean style marinated meats on the right side of the photo and feeling impressed by the supermarket’s selection given that it is not a Korean speciality supermarket. I suppose the Korea wave is big in Singapore.

But boy I have no idea that crocodile meat is so readily available. Yes, that is the exotic meat in my perspective. There must be a market somehow.

I don’t recall ever eating crocodile meat. The most exotic meat I have tried is deer, frog and turtle. However, I did watched a TV show where they passed off fried crocodile meat as fried chicken in a bucket that says KFC with the text Kuiaba Fried Crocodile in small text. The people on the show did not suspect anything although they find the meat to be a little different from what they are used to eating in their home country. 

So what exotic meats are available in your supermarket or what are the exotic meats that you have tried?


Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

8 Sep

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with Cute Chang-e and Rabbit


A Happy Mid-autumn festival to everyone who is celebrating! 

In this festival, offerings are made to the Moon Goddess, Chang’e. The doodle above is based on Chang’e. The jade rabbit is her companion on the moon.

There are many versions to this Chinese Mythology but the one that I was told as a kid was …

“Once a upon a time, the ten sons of the Jade Emperor (the monarch of all the deities in heaven) transformed into ten suns, causing havoc for Earth with their scorching heat. Hou Yi, a great archer shot down nine of the suns, leaving only one to provide the light. 

An immortal gave Hou Yi an elixir of immortality for his efforts in saving the people on Earth. However, Hou Yi did not consume the elixir as he did not want to leave his wife, Chang’e by becoming immortal without her.

Unknown to Hou Yi, one of his apprentices, Feng Meng knew of this secret and wanted the elixir for himself. When Hou Yi was out of the house, Feng Meng broke in and forced Chang’e to give the elixir to him. In order to escape from Feng Meng’s clutches, she swallowed the elixir and ascended into the sky, ultimately landing on the moon.

And the hero and his wife were forced to be apart.”

When I was younger, the Mid-autumn festival is like Christmas to me, because it was a time when I get a new toy, an electrical lantern to celebrate the occasion! My brothers and I would deliberately switch off the lights in the room and play with our lanterns which comes with bright colourful lights and some even come with festival music. In some years, our grandma would even bring us for the mid-autumn festival walks around the neighbourhood. 

Fast forward to today, now that we are no longer kids and there are no kids in this household, this festival has taken a different significance for me. It has grow to become a quiet day of remembrance for me – to remember the love that our grandma and granddad gave us, now that they are no longer with us. Maybe they are watching us from above, on the moon?

Anyway, no matter what is the the significance of the festival, it is another great occasion to spend time with your loved ones, have some mooncakes (a round pastry usually with red bean or lotus paste fillings) and tea and simply stare away at the moon! :)

Messing with Phone

5 Sep Rusty Doodle Phone Lock Screen

I got a Samsung Note 3 phone some months back as a special treat for my birthday. Usually, I wouldn’t get such an expensive phone but I just love the S pen since the note series came out. I like how I can use the S pen to easily collect and make a scrapbook for design ideas. And also to sketch out ideas. Although I have not been doing the latter as often as I thought I would because I still prefer to sketch with a good old pencil and notebook.

Even when I’m outside, I am too embarrassed to doodle in public. And you understand why from this little doodle.

Sketch on Phone

I still need my Wacom bamboo tablet and laptop to do a more presentable piece. I suppose I still need more time to get use to drawing on the phone.

I have been longing for you

Now, I have paid more attention to the S Pen features and have left the phone at its default settings (e.g. the dark blue diamond texture wallpaper). But when my dad got me a new phone cover, I somehow feel inspired to dress up my phone with doodles too! So I have created a little doodle (using Wacom tablet of course!) of Rusty listening to music with big headphones and used it to decorate my lock screen and home screen. It just makes me smile every time I turn on the phone! :D

Rusty Doodle Phone Home Screen Rusty Doodle Phone Lock Screen

Besides smiles, I also hope this little doodle reminds me how much I love to doodle and to continue to do what I love. Like how they cheer in South Korea, Rusty fighting!!! 

What do you have as your home screen or lock screen wallpaper? It is a good place to put a picture of your goal like your dream house or career or travel destination. Let me know in the comments below!


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