Starving Artist

15 Apr

Rusty Doodle - Starving Artist

Gosh I have disappeared for the whole of March! I started doodling the above comic strip since mid February but didn’t complete it till today. I have been focusing on making a living from doodling and it is hard work! I have to constantly yell at my procrastinating self to go away so that I can focus.

That reminded me of something that happened today. I was messaging my friends over Whatsapp around lunchtime and I was telling them that I was working on something and will be having my lunch at a later time. My friend was shocked and immediately asked “You found a job? How come I don’t know?”

Hey Peeps! Doodling IS my job! Although it is not like a conventional job. :D

Back to the comic strip, the back story that inspired the strip was that one of my friends treated me to dinner for designing a business logo for her business. It is kind of like barter trade isn’t it? With no exchange of money, just doodles for food! But somehow, the starving artist idea came along, partially because of the notion that it is difficult to make money from art and also because I was hungry while doodling. Anyway, the ending changed to Rusty munching on the paper doodle of a hamburger instead. I actually did munch on paper when I was young because I was wondering if it taste good and what will my poo look like. I even suggested that my brother eat some paper too. I was a curious kid! Hey, curiosity is a gift… of sorts!

Hmm… I can’t remember though what the taste was like or how the poo turn out. But I don’t think I will want to experiment on it again.

Now did you ever munch on paper? I am pretty sure I ain’t the only weird one. :)

Art Comes In Many Forms – Baby in Wonderland

16 Feb

Last year, I shared how I was inspired by Attraction, a shadow theatre dance group. Recently, I stumbled across another artist – Queenie Liao who adds her spin to photography. A mother of 3 children, she wanted to capture the precious growing up moments of her children. She did so in a creative way by using clothes to create fairytale like backdrops around her child while he is sleeping and take amazing, adorable photographs.

I was unable to attach Yahoo’s Flickr moment video so here is a YouTube Video on Queenie’s photography collection.

If you like Queenie’s video, do check out Adele Enersen’s video who Queenie list as an influence for her wonderland collection. Equally cute!

Enjoy! And may you have sweet dreams in wonderland! :)

Free Valentine’s Day Printables

11 Feb

Cute Cupid Valentines Day Printables

To join in the spirit of love, I have created Cupid printables for decorating gifts. For anyone who may be interested, it is free for download over at

With Love, Rusty :)

Somebody loves you

9 Feb

Rusty Doodle - Somebody Loves You

Hooray on my first comic strip for 2014!

Valentine’s day is coming in a few days. And while it is all lovely dovey, being single on Valentine’s day can be a rather miserable feeling. So here’s a shout out to all the singles (including myself) – Remember, some bunny loves you!

And if you have abundance of love, do share a little bit of your love to your single friends by sending them the above little comic strip to let them know you care about them in a bunny funny way. :D

Rock it out in the Year of the Horse!

31 Jan

Rusty Rocking Horse Year

Chinese New Year came so early this year! It is not even February! This short time frame means that I have been rushing to clean and pack my house ever since I came back from my Bangkok holiday. Phew! I think we are almost ready to let the relatives visit our house. Just don’t open THAT cupboard in the corner!

Last year, I shared how my family always have a steamboat reunion dinner to usher in the new year. This year is no exception! Here are pictures of what our steamboat dinner looks like. Don’t be mistaken! We are not vegetarians! It just so happen everyone in our family loves vegetables.

Chinese New Year Steamboat

And because I did the grocery shopping and I have a picky stomach, I get to choose the ingredients for the steamboat. Which means my favourites like mushrooms - shiitake, button, hon-shimeji, enoki (also known as golden mushrooms), shabu shabu thin pork bellies slices, tau pok (bean curd puffs) and tofu! The rest are my dad’s favourites – prawns and squid.

This year, Mum remembered (after constant nagging by Dad) to make fresh spicy Chilli dip which is so appetising! It consists of chillies (big and tiny variants), lime juice and garlic blended together into a paste. Add light soya sauce and sesame oil to own preference. So there you go, my Mum’s secret recipe of sorts. :D

Happy Chinese New Year! Wishing good health to all! And may your wishes come true!

PS: Rusty is suppose to be a year older but it seems that he just got younger in the doodle. Subconsciously rejecting age. Haha!


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