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Cupcake Doodle – Cupcake and Soccer Ball

13 Jul

Cupcake Doodle - Cupcake and Soccer Ball

The World Cup finale is finally here!

Truth be told, I am not really a fan of football but there is just something about the World Cup that is so exciting, especially this year! Perhaps, it is watching the underdogs overcome the odds and triumph the favourites or a person propel into the starlight for outstanding performances or watching the fans shout out in excitement or cry in disbelief. There is some intense emotions there.

Due to the time difference, trying to catch the football matches is messing up my usual sleep timings. I find myself laying awake at 5 am even though there is no match. But a messed up mind may help with creativity. The idea for the above cupcake doodle comic strip came about when I couldn’t sleep.

Can’t wait for the match between Germany and Argentina! May we see spectacular performances from both teams!


Cupcake Halloween!

31 Oct

Cupcake Doodle - Happy Halloween

It’s time for Halloween again! Hope the doodle made you smile! For last year’s comic strip on Halloween, click here!

My family and friends don’t dress up for Halloween or celebrate the occasion so I don’t either. But I thought it will be kind of fun for a bunch of kids to dress up as minions and run from house to house going trick or treat! What a wacky sight that will be!

What is your Halloween costume this year? Perhaps you can consider dressing up as a giant cupcake! 😀

Cupcake Doodle – Sweet Like Cupcake

22 Jul

Comic Strip

It’s been a long time since the last cupcake doodle strip or even any comic strips for that matter! Super colourful and sweet strip to make up for it!

Have a sweet week ahead everyone! 🙂

Learning something new

28 Mar

I am not an adventurous person but within my comfort zone and areas of interest, I do love to learn and try out new things. Not only does it keeps things interesting, I feel a sense of accomplishment and joy for doing something new. And I suppose it also helps to keep me younger at heart with that exploratory streak. I mean if you observe kids, they are curious about everything and love to explore!

So today, I am happy that I learned a new technique in Adobe Illustrator to do the outlines for my drawings. The varying thickness in the outlines gives more character to the drawings.

What better way to share the happiness than a cupcake with colorful sprinkles! Again being happy can be so simple!

If anyone is interested in the tutorial that I learned from, it is a YouTube video by roget67.

I have also compiled the earlier tutorials that I learned from, into a squidoo lens on vector graphics. Still trying to beef up the content as I go along.

Cheers to a good Thursday! 🙂

Cupcake Doodle: Happy Dance!

20 Mar

Comic strip on cupcakes

Nanas is doing a silly happy dance because Nanas is happy for me! Or rather, I don’t want to be seen doing my happy dance so I got Nanas to do it instead. 😛

The reason for the happy dance is because the mini project that I have been working on, and which I mentioned every now and then on the blog, is finally launched on my friend’s website under the personalized party items section!

Mtrade: Launch of Personalized Party Items

It is a very small collection now with buttons only but everything starts with baby steps right? Just got to keep working on it and celebrate as I take each baby step!

And… now I can add “started a business venture” to the list of interesting things that I have done. 🙂

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