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Cupcake Quotes: Taking over the world

11 Jan

Comic Strip on Cupcakes

Wow, how long can I still continue the Cupcake Quotes idea?

What I do know though is I have crazy cupcake characters in my sketchbook for a different comic strip story line. Is that changing too much for 2013? 😛




Cupcake Quotes: Making of Cupcakes (the sequel)

27 Dec

Cupcake Quotes: Making of Cupcakes is the 2nd most liked post on my blog. Therefore, like the movies industry, when a film is good, you make a sequel to it to milk the idea. So here is the much-awaited sequel…

Steps-to-making-a-cupcakecomic strip

Right… there isn’t any relevancy to the original post except the title.

Anyway, before making any cupcakes by myself, I wasn’t able to appreciate the amount of work that is required in making a cupcake. And I am still having icky images of greasy fingers from wiping the butter off the baking equipment where I want to shout “Out, damned spot! out, I say!”, a quote from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Likewise, when we see how successful someone else is and admire his or her achievements be it, career or relationship or academic, what we are observing is the “eating the cupcake” step. That step of enjoying the success and rewards is so easy where anyone can do that and we are left wondering why we ain’t in that step.

But similar to the 10,000 hours concept, it take steps to reach the final reward. We need to get ourselves dirty with flour in our face and grease on our fingers and a messy kitchen to tidy up as a prerequisite to reach the reward. Yet even so, there is no guarantee that we will have a perfectly delicious cupcake at the end. After all our efforts, we may land up with only a bland or overly sweet cupcake.

So the conclusion…?

We can put in the effort with the possibility of making the perfect cupcake and in doing so at least get an average cupcake as a consolation prize. Or we can never try at all, paying someone else $3 for their perfect cupcake whenever we have a cupcake craving.

Well, I know I am going to try baking again soon. 🙂

Cupcake Quotes: Life

2 Dec

Comic Strip on Cupcakes

This comic strip may seem a little sad for a first post in December but it is true, lives can be so fragile. And that is precisely why there is no room for me to be a procrastinator. With an unknown end date, I should spend each day doing what matters to me instead of dwindling it away.

To help me stay on track for my doodling passion, I will need resolutions for 2013. I know some may argue that one never completes the resolutions and I for one has never been able to complete my resolution on muscle gains year after year. 😦

However, it is still good to have clear goals so that I can work towards them. So here goes…

Resolutions for 2013

  1. Create 15 comic strips each month.
  2. Come up with 700 new products for the Zazzle Store by the end of the year (or 59 products each month).
  3. Add 100 images to stock photography websites (e.g. Dreamstime) by the end of the year (or 9 images each month)
  4. Write and illustrate a 32 page picture book
  5. Work on an animated cartoon which plays for 20 seconds

Wow, it is overwhelming just writing it down and looking at it! But my brother always say “Dream bigger!” So all the best to me!

As for December, I will be working on the 190 new products for the Zazzle Store to meet the 300 goal for this year of which one is going to be a 2013 calendar with a short story to prepare me for the picture book. In addition, I will also be exploring Dreamstime. All this during Christmas?! Eek.

Cupcake Quotes: Dad

30 Nov

Comic Strip on Cupcakes

While mini cupcake may need to share his parents’ love with his numerous siblings, he soon realises that fortunately he has more than one dad. That means there is more love to be shared around!

Unlike cupcakes, we may have only one birth dad (I use “may” because technology advancement blurs things that I take for granted), yet we can still have more than one dad in our life, like the cupcakes. And no, I am not suggesting that you find a sugar daddy. Instead, I am using the term “dad” loosely to mean mentors and role models.

If you have come across the book “Rich dad poor dad” by Robert Kiyosaki, you would have heard how the author was raised to be financially savvy from his friend’s dad who he affectionately addresses as Rich dad. There are people who don’t agree with the views in the book but the reason why I am quoting this book is to illustrate that there are many people around us who we can learn from to become better individuals. Personally, I have benefited a lot from the mentoring that I received from my ex-bosses and by observing each of them in their unique management styles and strengths. Sadly, there are people who hate their bosses to the guts and focus on their bosses’ weaknesses, failing to explore the wonderful learning opportunities.

And it does not even have to be confined to just learning from people who are physically around us. With the accessibility of books and the internet, I can learn from writers, fellow bloggers and cartoonists from all around the world on various topics and that really widens my perspective of things. I definitely would not have dreamed to be a cartoonist if I listen only to my own dad. It is only a matter of whether one wishes to seek and learn from these “dads”. No offence here, dad. I still love you!

So who is your daddy? 🙂

Cupcake Quotes: Too many cupcakes

28 Nov

comic strip on cupcakes

Pink oven recognises mini cupcake as the 138th cupcake that she brought to the world. What a touching moment as the mother reunites with her child, although I do wonder how she divides her love equally among all her children. I mean, for one, love is not something that is easily measurable and therefore divisible using mathematics.

It doesn’t help too that parents would naturally be most excited with the first-born and dote on the youngest child. So the middle children receive less love compared to the eldest and the youngest even though parents do not meant it to be so.

Food for thought for parents with more than one child.


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