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Singapore turning 50

2 Aug

Singapore is turning 50 on 9 August 2015! It is going to be a big celebration the coming weekend with lots of fireworks!

Did this sketch with markers of the various iconic structures, landmarks and things in Singapore which I like.

Make a guess what they are! Answers after the picture.

Sketching with Markers SG 50

From left to right.

Orchid flowers – Singapore National Flower is an Orchid. It also reminds me of the Singapore Botanical Gardens which has recently been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Esplanade – A place for the performing arts. Its exterior design looks like the shell of the fruit, durian. And we Singaporeans love durians!

Marina Bay Sands – I am still waiting for an opportunity to visit the Infinity Pool at level 57 of this hotel. The three towers of the Marina Bay Sands are spectacular pieces for the Singapore skyline and they provide free laser light shows!

Changi Control Tower at the Airport – The landmark that welcomes or bids me farewell as I go return or go overseas for a holiday.

Merlion – A mystical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Singapore’s mascot.

SuperTree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

If you are visiting Singapore, do drop by these places!


Sketching with Markers – Afternoon Tea in the Gardens

23 Jul

Today, I get to attend a free program organised by the Library titled “Sketching with Markers”. It was a fun session and I learned new techniques like using various textures and patterns to create depth and shading. I must say everyone in my session is so talented. Art is stronger in Singapore than I thought!

The theme for today is nature and the session was in the afternoon. So I came up with this sketch of the cheerful sunflower, and the butterfly and little fairy having afternoon tea. I need to practise more but I am happy with my attempt. Thank you Library and the Guest Speakers for making this happen!

Butterfly and Fairy Tea Party

Doodling All My Life

8 Sep

Lately, in a conversation with my youngest brother on my doodling career, something interesting came up.

It goes something like this…

Brother: I have no idea why you stuck with your last job for so long.

Me: Why is that?

Brother: I mean all your life you have been drawing. It is weird that you will give up drawing and go with something that you don’t really like.

Me: Really?

Brother: Yeah. In fact, your drawings are what inspired me to pursue drawing too.

Me: <Turns all mushy>

Mushy Rusty

Okay the above image is an exaggeration! But crazy exaggeration aside, my youngest brother is the best artist among us. I really have no clue till the other day that I was the one that gave him the inspiration to pursue art.  That felt really good that my past drawings actually inspired one person. And when I myself lacks the confidence in my artwork from time to time, my brother actually thinks that I am dreaming too small and should be even more ambitious in my pursue of my passion.

Indeed, if I think back, I did spent a lot of time doodling or exploring some art medium. Heck, I would even turn my school projects or occasions into an art exercise. For example, I remembered in my secondary school days, we were tasked to do a poetry assignment. However, I turned it into an arts and crafts assignment, spending more time decorating the assignment instead of the poetry. And when I need to say farewell to my college classmates because of graduation, I hand drew and made bookmarks for them.

Unfortunately, there was a point in time where I thought I wouldn’t never make anything useful with my drawings and threw away lots of my doodles that actually are a part of my happy and fond memories through the years. It is a regret that I have to live with.

Here are some of my old artworks using just pencil and pen that I did managed to capture on photo:

Did you see the card game that we made? When we were young, our parents never buy much toys or games for us and we don’t have much pocket money either. So whenever we played games belonging to our cousins or friends, we will be secretly envious of their games. But that kind of sparked our creativity to make our own games which means lots of doodling and using our mattress and blankets to form imaginary castles! Those were fun times that bonded us brothers together! Maybe I should develop a game for my next project! 😀

Now, what have you been doing all your life? 🙂

Cupcake Quotes: Making of Cupcakes (the sequel)

27 Dec

Cupcake Quotes: Making of Cupcakes is the 2nd most liked post on my blog. Therefore, like the movies industry, when a film is good, you make a sequel to it to milk the idea. So here is the much-awaited sequel…

Steps-to-making-a-cupcakecomic strip

Right… there isn’t any relevancy to the original post except the title.

Anyway, before making any cupcakes by myself, I wasn’t able to appreciate the amount of work that is required in making a cupcake. And I am still having icky images of greasy fingers from wiping the butter off the baking equipment where I want to shout “Out, damned spot! out, I say!”, a quote from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.

Likewise, when we see how successful someone else is and admire his or her achievements be it, career or relationship or academic, what we are observing is the “eating the cupcake” step. That step of enjoying the success and rewards is so easy where anyone can do that and we are left wondering why we ain’t in that step.

But similar to the 10,000 hours concept, it take steps to reach the final reward. We need to get ourselves dirty with flour in our face and grease on our fingers and a messy kitchen to tidy up as a prerequisite to reach the reward. Yet even so, there is no guarantee that we will have a perfectly delicious cupcake at the end. After all our efforts, we may land up with only a bland or overly sweet cupcake.

So the conclusion…?

We can put in the effort with the possibility of making the perfect cupcake and in doing so at least get an average cupcake as a consolation prize. Or we can never try at all, paying someone else $3 for their perfect cupcake whenever we have a cupcake craving.

Well, I know I am going to try baking again soon. 🙂

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