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Sketching with Markers – Afternoon Tea in the Gardens

23 Jul

Today, I get to attend a free program organised by the Library titled “Sketching with Markers”. It was a fun session and I learned new techniques like using various textures and patterns to create depth and shading. I must say everyone in my session is so talented. Art is stronger in Singapore than I thought!

The theme for today is nature and the session was in the afternoon. So I came up with this sketch of the cheerful sunflower, and the butterfly and little fairy having afternoon tea. I need to practise more but I am happy with my attempt. Thank you Library and the Guest Speakers for making this happen!

Butterfly and Fairy Tea Party


Words are Powerful

9 Jan

Comic strip on words

Words are powerful tools. We can use them to brighten up someone else’s day, like how you readers have been motivating and encouraging me with your kind words. Or we can use them knowingly or unknowingly as destructive weapons that hurt someone emotionally or cripple someone’s confidence, some times in a way that scars a person more, compared to physical hurt. Indeed, my parents’ reactions to my doodling journey really shook my confidence and I’m not sure whether I can meet their expectations soon enough. It also explains why I have fewer blog posts nowadays as I was busy drawing and designing to expand my portfolio.

Yet, words are after all just tools. They depend on the user and the receiver to give meaning to them. That is we can choose how we wish to use the words and how we interpret the words. In my case, the whole incident was actually fun to doodle! And I’m going to persevere and work harder on my doodles. When the going gets tough, it just means that I’m getting closer to my goals! Self torture mentality! 😛

For readers waiting for the return of the colorful Rusty, yes he will return soon. I’m just practising to make sure I get the black and white style right. This style will be used henceforth if I need to doodle a heavier topic. Overall, I’m very happy with this strip cause I challenged myself and did 8 frames! Although I must confess I re-used one frame from the previous comic strip. Hehe.

Back to the drawing board! 🙂

World Spinning out of Control

3 Jan

Comic Strip on a disorganised lifestyleUnbelievable that I am starting year 2013 without an organiser! And I kid you not, my life is pretty disorganised at the moment without a proper organiser. As the saying goes, “Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”. I seriously need that organiser to get my days in order! Currently, I make do with writing my tasks on pieces of post its.

The good thing out of this is it inspired me to try a black and white doodle to set a dark mood. I also varied the frames to make it more interesting.

Hope you like it as much as I do! 🙂

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