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What Indie Artists Search on Amazon

19 May


It’s been a super long while since my last post and yet unfortunately, this is sort of a ranting cartoon comic about Amazon image thieves sellers who are stealing and profiting from indie artists’ artworks.

Don’t get me wrong, as a consumer, I like Amazon on how I can get products like the Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Color Pocket Plus that are not available locally.

However, the image thieves are increasingly hurting indie artists real bad by stealing more and more of their artworks from various websites like Zazzle and other print on demand companies and selling them on Amazon. While you can send out infringement notices to Amazon to take out those products, which in itself will take a while, the thieves can easily and quickly duplicate the stores under a new name in Amazon and start selling again.

I spent yesterday JUST combing Amazon and sending out infringement notices. I found 38 instances but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. My fellow artists and designers on Zazzle has been sending out infringement notices every other day! It’s is like you shut down one, a few more pops up on Amazon. I can’t imagine doing this zero value activity everyday instead of drawing!

If you think it’s only affecting artists, do note that this issue also affects YOU as a consumer. It is questionable if this image thieves do fulfil the orders. And even if they do, consumers run the risk of receiving products with poor quality images because the images stolen are for web quality not print quality.

If you are an artist or has friends who are artists, please spread the word and raise awareness on this matter. Sooner or later the thieves are going to come to you too if Amazon doesn’t step up the preventive measures.

There is an on going petition to Amazon do something about this matter. It is started by fellow designer, Cindy Bendel. If you will like to support this cause or read up more information on this, please visit the petition site.

Side note: This piece is different from what I publish usually because I drew this out in pen, scanned and digitally coloured it.

In addition, a quick update about what’s going on, I am spending more time learning and practising new art forms such as watercolour painting, stamp carving and brush lettering. And I have started an Instagram account to document my doodles.


Cupcake Doodle – Cupcake and Soccer Ball

13 Jul

Cupcake Doodle - Cupcake and Soccer Ball

The World Cup finale is finally here!

Truth be told, I am not really a fan of football but there is just something about the World Cup that is so exciting, especially this year! Perhaps, it is watching the underdogs overcome the odds and triumph the favourites or a person propel into the starlight for outstanding performances or watching the fans shout out in excitement or cry in disbelief. There is some intense emotions there.

Due to the time difference, trying to catch the football matches is messing up my usual sleep timings. I find myself laying awake at 5 am even though there is no match. But a messed up mind may help with creativity. The idea for the above cupcake doodle comic strip came about when I couldn’t sleep.

Can’t wait for the match between Germany and Argentina! May we see spectacular performances from both teams!

Quicksilver VS Flash

15 Jun

flash vs quicksilver

Lately, I came across an interesting article reviewing who is faster, Quicksilver (from Marvel Comics) or Flash (from DC comics) since both of them have a similar super power of super speed. The author used a physics evaluation approach based on the footage of the movie, X-men: Days of Future Past (awesome movie!) and the Flash TV series.

This inspired me to doodle my own evaluation of Quicksilver versus Flash! Do not be offended, Flash fans, I’m just favourably bias towards Magneto. 😀

Well, this comic strip is also timely too because it is Father’s day! My dad may not be as cool as Magneto in the super power way but he is cool too with his own special charm.

Three things which are cool about my dad:

Super Handy:

He fixes anything that is spoilt in our house, from plumbing, to electrical household appliances (he has a working knowledge for electrical wiring so other dads, please do not attempt to do so just to be cool unless you have the know hows) to computers. He also like to embark on little projects to improve things around the  house.

Super Money Savvy:

I hate to admit it but I was a spendthrift when I was younger and demanded for things which I don’t really need. For example, I requested that my dad get me a squash racquet back in my college years which I gave up in 6 months. It is not until that I started working that I understand the value of money. My dad on the other hand has always been a thrifty person (except for a weak spot in electronic gadgets), he understands the need to save, invest and grow the money. I wish my young rebellious self have listened to my dad much earlier on the financial principles so that I would have benefit much now. Oh well, we need to learn from our mistakes.

Eye for Value for Money:

My dad has an eye for spotting things (especially electronic gadgets) that are value for money. I suppose it comes from him frequently going through the prices for comparison and having a good knowledge of the specifications of the gadgets. He told me that there was a few times when the promoters have low knowledge of the gadgets that they were selling and he stepped up and helped to answer the customers’ queries. Nope, he does not work in retail. Haha.

If I ever need to buy any electronic gadget, I will always seek his advice on the market prices and specifications to look out for so that I have a decent deal.

And the above is why my dad is cool.  What are some cool things about your Dad? Share with him this Father’s day!

Happy Father’s Day!!! 🙂

Captain America … No not really

9 Jun

Here is a new comic strip loosely adapted from the 2nd movie of the Captain America series, Captain America: The Winter Soldier! Spoilers ahead for anyone who hasn’t watch the movie.
captain america spoof part 1

captain america avengers spoof part 2

You know from my superpower post that I am pretty much a geek when it comes to superheroes.

Captain America however is a hero that doesn’t really click with me. I mean you all know how I am a skinny lad and Steve Rogers (Captain America) has the easy way out with the super soldier serum, transforming from a physically frail body into a super athletic with peak strength, agility and stamina. Hats off to Chris Evans for undergoing crazy training regime and diet to achieve the look for Captain America.

I don’t advocate violence but every time Captain America uses his shield against those bullets in the movie, I can’t help but wickedly wonder why don’t any of the henchmen shoot at Captain America’s legs. Is there something hypnotic about that shield or perhaps because the shield is a big moving object and its design resembles a bullseye so people has a natural tendency to aim at that?

And importantly for Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie, why didn’t the cops arrest Captain America at the end? Granted that he save the world but did you realise he is a thief. He stole a truck to drive to the S.H.I.E.L.D’s old base, broke in to the base, stole the “Falcon” wingpack and the Captain America war outfit from the museum.

This comic strip that took me quite a few days to do. It’s been a challenge coming up with so many different characters and trying to fit the story (including the “action scene”) that I had in mind, in as few frames as possible. But it is a fun experience since I love superheroes.

I hope you like it as much as I do! Do share the comic strip with your friends who are superhero geeks like me. 😀

Starving Artist

15 Apr

Rusty Doodle - Starving Artist

Gosh I have disappeared for the whole of March! I started doodling the above comic strip since mid February but didn’t complete it till today. I have been focusing on making a living from doodling and it is hard work! I have to constantly yell at my procrastinating self to go away so that I can focus.

That reminded me of something that happened today. I was messaging my friends over Whatsapp around lunchtime and I was telling them that I was working on something and will be having my lunch at a later time. My friend was shocked and immediately asked “You found a job? How come I don’t know?”

Hey Peeps! Doodling IS my job! Although it is not like a conventional job. 😀

Back to the comic strip, the back story that inspired the strip was that one of my friends treated me to dinner for designing a business logo for her business. It is kind of like barter trade isn’t it? With no exchange of money, just doodles for food! But somehow, the starving artist idea came along, partially because of the notion that it is difficult to make money from art and also because I was hungry while doodling. Anyway, the ending changed to Rusty munching on the paper doodle of a hamburger instead. I actually did munch on paper when I was young because I was wondering if it taste good and what will my poo look like. I even suggested that my brother eat some paper too. I was a curious kid! Hey, curiosity is a gift… of sorts!

Hmm… I can’t remember though what the taste was like or how the poo turn out. But I don’t think I will want to experiment on it again.

Now did you ever munch on paper? I am pretty sure I ain’t the only weird one. 🙂

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