Thankful for a Productivity Week

26 Jul

Hope everyone has a good week! Well if you haven’t, cheer up! It is Friday! Or Fry day if you plan to indulge in some fries! Lol.

For me, it’s been a productivity week, thanks to my youngest brother!

As I share my room with my youngest brother, ever since he started his first job on Monday, I have been sleeping earlier and waking up earlier to be in line with him. I am always under the assumption that if one work the same number of hours, it doesn’t matter if he or she begins the day early or late. However, since switching to start the day earlier, I just realise that it is so much better for me. The air is fresh in the early morning and I enjoy brushing my teeth near the window breathing in the fresh air while looking at the trees and the people going to work. Okay, come to think of it, people may find it kind of weird to see someone brushing his teeth at the window. I shall be continue to be oblivious to this and enjoy the air. 😛

It is quieter in the morning, without any distractions of the sounds of TV at the living room or anyone else. My mind also seems to be clearer, being able to focus more on what I am doing. The day seems to be much longer although that is technically not possible. All in all, I completed much more things that I wanted to do than in weeks.

I even have time to bake! Tried my first time making butter cookies and it is a more successful venture than cupcakes! The texture is just right and the taste is also almost there. Cookie dough is also so much easier to clean up compared to cupcake dough. The latter just makes the cake mixer really greasy and it is hard to remove the grease. I foresee the baking of more cookies. 🙂

Rusty Doodle Makes Butter Cookies

I finished the last 2 cookies shortly after taking the above picture. 🙂

Enjoy the weekend all!


One Response to “Thankful for a Productivity Week”

  1. l1or July 26, 2013 at 11:09 am #

    “Okay, come to think of it, people may find it kind of weird to see someone brushing his teeth at the window… ” -…. 😀

    and those cookies look delicious!

    happy weekend Rusty!

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