Glad To See the Blue Sky

8 Jul

Rusty Doodle

I was inspired to come up with the above cartoon when I was cleaning my windows yesterday.

Thanks to the efforts of the Indonesia fire fighting team, the change in wind direction, the rain, I would say that the haze situation is finally under control. The air is back to healthy levels and we can finally see the clear blue sky again. Actually, the situation has been better for a while now, just that I didn’t dare to post anything about it, just in case I jinx it. Yes, I am superstitious in my own silly way!

While the haze is a bad thing, it does bring my awareness not to take clean air for granted. I mean breathing is such a natural thing to humans that we rarely take notice of the air that we are breathing in. Yet it is one of the most essential basic things we do to stay alive. When the air is bad and smoky, it is a terrible ordeal. I also miss all my outdoor activities like jogging and swimming and the beautiful sunshine. Have never been so glad to see the blue sky!



One Response to “Glad To See the Blue Sky”

  1. l1or July 8, 2013 at 1:01 am #

    glad to hear the situation has improved Rusty 🙂 You’re so right, when things like this happen, it really does help us appreciate life more when everything is alright again.

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