Quick Create for Zazzle

16 Feb

In Zazzle, there is this “Quick Create” function that once you have made the one time effort to set the templates for the different items, you can use this function to quickly place a new design on the pre-set items. For instance, if I set up a template for a mug to repeat the same image on both sides of the mug, another template on a stationery to place the image on the bottom left corner, the next time I have a new image and use this function, it automatically places the image on the specified locations for the mug and stationery.

I was originally sceptical of using the quick create option for Zazzle as I want to make sure that each design fits nicely on each item. I was under the impression that “Quick Create” isn’t going to be useful for me. So I stubbornly added each item individually for the past few months, crawling towards the 1,000 items goal that I have set this year. And when I have to add each item individually, I tend to skip certain items thinking that the design may not fit the item.

Thankfully, the experienced Zazzlers in the forums encourage me to give “Quick Create” a shot!

I saved a lot of time doing the administrative stuff using this function so that I can focus on doodling again. I reckon that I only need to use half the time compared to creating each item individually. And the best part is, say I create 15 templates, I can use quick create to immediately take a look at how the design will look on the 15 items! If the design really doesn’t fit the item, I can simply delete it away. No more excuses on missing out on certain items! And I can still adjust, add background images and text to change it to what I want.

Take a look at what I have created using “Quick Create”.

Zazzle Tips

For any Zazzlers out there who have yet to use the “Quick Create” function, do give it a shot!

I have about 650 products now. Onward March (pun intended) to 1,000 products! And on that note, I leave you with a little cartoon!


3 Responses to “Quick Create for Zazzle”

  1. kawaiisquared February 16, 2013 at 6:07 am #

    couldnt agree with you more! quickcreate saves so much time!

  2. Hannah Sterry March 2, 2013 at 8:01 pm #

    Wow, you’ve been busy! I use zazzle and have a reasonable balance on there, but I’m still waiting for them to process my W8-BEN form so I can get the money out – Did you have to do the same? Have you got any idea how to speed up the process (I’ve been waiting a few weeks now)?

    • rusty March 2, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

      I haven’t reach the minimal amount to cash out yet so I haven’t send the W8-BEN form yet. Looks like I better send the W8-BEN form first. Been procrastinating on that!

      I suggest dropping an email to Zazzle for a status check.

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