Romance is in the Air

6 Jan

Valentine’s day is coming in February and that should be the next biggest occasion in the spirit of giving besides Christmas!

Thus, I have been building up my Valentine’s day portfolio for the past few days. Now you know why I opt for a black and white comic strip. It is to balance the Candy and Sugar rush from doodling all the romantic stuff. 😛

Rusty Doodle Zazzle Designs

Somehow, I took the expression “Romance is in the Air” way too literally and drawn the couples flying off in a hot air balloon & a hang glider and a boy who is almost lifted away by balloons that spell love. Well, love is a beautiful adventure for two, at least that is my take on romance! Haha.  

A shout out to L & HH who are getting married today! Congratulations on starting a new chapter in your love adventure!!! And thank you L for believing in my doodles!

If you will like to see the above designs on other items, do drop by my Zazzle Store and look under the folder “Wedding & Romance”.

What other romantic expressions should I try out next? Leave your thoughts ya!


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