Where are my cupcakes? (Part 3)

24 Dec

Comic StripIt turns out that my mum kept the flour in such a special place that even she forgot where she kept it.

And so I finally got all the ingredients that I need. Some more than others. I don’t have a good memory so if someone ever tries to implant something in my mind like how it goes in the movie “Inception” or as above in the comic strip, I suppose they can do it easily.

Here are my first attempt at cupcakes! I got the basic vanilla cupcake recipe from Noobcook.com.

Cupcakes without Frosting

Why is there no frosting? Well, I didn’t buy enough butter. I didn’t expect to use so much butter in making cupcakes! But it still taste pretty good on its own (way more successful than my brother’s attempt at pandan cake) although it is slightly sweet. I will cut down the sugar next time.



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