Rusty is talking to Santa, in Zazzle!

27 Nov

With an insane target of 300 Zazzle products by December in mind, I’ve been busy doodling for Zazzle. So far, I only have 90 so it is another 210 more to go! Eek!

I may cheat a little though by adding current designs with different background colours cause I realised that a number of my doodles are in white background, especially the hedgehog series.

I am still not too sure why I doodle so many hedgehogs. Perhaps it is because I identify with how hedgehogs put on a tough spiny front to the outside world to hide their underneath vulnerability. If that holds true, I may be doodling turtles next.

Conquering vector art is another major goal for me. I am still working on it by taking baby steps.

Ever wondered how many different cupcakes were featured in the Cupcake Quotes comic strip? I am pretty forgetful so to help myself keep track, I stacked them all to form a Christmas Tree of sorts. There is one cupcake that is not featured yet. Spot it?

My friend Xiao Pang set me thinking on this – Doodle something that has Rusty and Santa! Thank you for the cool idea! Launch the link to find out Santa’s visit to Rusty in Singapore!

Santa is totally blending in. 🙂

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