Wedding, making Dreams Come True…

13 Nov

Wedding Couple Kiss

Bear with me peeps, the wedding songs kept playing in my head from yesterday so naturally the doodles become lovey-dovey too. And I’ve one more wedding to attend this coming Sunday so they ain’t getting out of my system any time soon. Not that I mind the sweet wedding songs. 🙂

Yesterday was the first time that I was involved in the background preparations of a wedding event and I definitely have a newfound appreciation of weddings. I witnessed lots of love, not just love between the couple but also love from family and friends from the way they contribute tirelessly to the wedding. And that is why the wedding is perfect. Everything just falls in place nicely. It is a dream come true for the couple. I must disclaim that my contributions are much lesser compared to the rest cause I was learning how to do things.

On a side note, for Singapore weddings, there is this wedding gatecrash part where the groom, with the assistance of his groomsmen (aka brothers) would have to go through a series of games prepared by the bridesmaid (aka sisters) before the groom can fetch the bride.

Interestingly, I wonder where this tradition originated and if other countries have a similar practice. Anyway, as part of the games yesterday, the groom and the groomsmen would have to dance Gangnam style. Of course, I ain’t uploading the video cause my dancing is atrocious, as always. To satisfy your curiosity, this is a close image of what I looked like doing Gangnam style.

Cheers to Love!



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