Building an Identity

8 Nov

Hair stylingThis is the final instalment to the hair salon series, well at least until say the next haircut?

So did you for any moment think the new hairstyle is going to stay?

Well, it would definitely have been easier for me to doodle with that simpler hairstyle compared to the usual hairstyle. But I wouldn’t change it cause it is hard to build an identity given the numerous great cartoons and blogs out there. Being consistent would be my way to establish my doodles’ identity among the crowd. I suppose this also applies to any new businesses trying to find a foothold in the business world.

And I don’t know about you, but I’ve grown to love the character. What’s there not to love? He is after all based loosely on my goofy and awkward life. Loving oneself is the first step to success right? Did someone say narcissist?


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