A Good Haircut

2 Nov

Scary Gangnam Style ExperienceJust went for a haircut yesterday. I must start off by saying that my hair stylist is a very nice and talented person and I’m not saying that just because he regularly holds a pair of scissors near to my skull and neck. Well… he does holds a pair of dangerously looking scissors but that is besides the point. He definitely gets credit for making me look more pleasing to the eye.

To me, a haircut is more important than clothes or accessories in defining the outward appearance. The reasons are simple, if I put on some clothes or accessories that are nasty, I can always go back to my closet to choose something else to put on. However, a bad haircut is going to stick with me for a month or so until the hair grows back again. And I would live each day in that month loathing the self in the mirror. It’s that bad!

And while I need to mix and match my clothes and accessories using my styling sense which unfortunately fails me on some days, a good haircut that is easy to manage and set using the same steps almost guarantees a nice hairstyle each day.

So now that I found my current hair stylist who defines a good hairstyle for me, I’m sticking with him even though his charges ain’t exactly cheap. I am not playing Russian roulette with my hair by going to a random hair stylist or barber. Think! Stranger with sharp scissors!


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