Commercial Gyms ain’t for me

31 Oct

Comic StripI really admire people in the gym who can maintain their poise and look glamorous despite training very hard. Me on the other hand, no matter how I try to keep it in, I just can’t do it and would make horrid expressions like the above whenever I need to exert strength. My theory is that the nerves to my muscles are interlinked with those to my face. Hence, whenever I activate my muscles, I would involuntarily trigger those on my face.

And to make it worse, I don’t lift as heavy compared to the rest of the gym goers. This is expected since I am like half their size. I mean, if someone is huffing and puffing and even grunting, you would excuse the person if you observe that he is pushing hard with very heavy weights.  However, the same intense expressions are awkward and so not appropriate for a scrawny person like me given the weights I am lifting.

While I am sure everyone is only concentrating on their own exercises at the gym and no one could care less how others are doing, I feel more secure doing my “funny” expressions at my own home gym. It ain’t state of the art gym equipment but I can focus better for sure since I don’t need to worry about being judged by my imaginary audience on how I exercise. Only family gets to see my ugly and live with my ugly.

And the cool thing for a home gym is it is just so convenient to work out. I am ending here cause I am off to exercise! 🙂


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