Crazy Ideas for Halloween

27 Oct

So Halloween is just around the corner. I’m not going to dress up but hey that doesn’t stop me from doodling something about Halloween.Toilet Paper MummyDressing up as a Mummy is easy and you don’t need make up. Just wrap yourself in bandage or toilet paper. However, it is not exactly environmental friendly unless you are recycling the bandage or toilet paper like the guy above.

Camo SoldierAre you expecting a doodle on Army soldiers for Halloween? Well, I was thinking where anyone can get the green make-up so as to dress up as Frankenstein and the camouflage stick issued by the Army seems to be the perfect make-up solution. A useless fact: The author of Frankenstein describes the skin colour of Frankenstein to be that of dead skin. However, cartoons usually depict it as green.

Messy EaterIf you are attending a Halloween party but forgot to prepare the costume or make up, fret not! You can go to any fast food outlets, use their ketchup and dabble them on like blood stains for a quick and easy zombie look. and you are good to go for the party! Ideally, apply on a worn T-shirt that is meant to be thrown away.

So would you be dressing up for Halloween and as what monster?


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