Butterflies in my stomach

24 Oct

Job Interview with butterflies in the stomach

Haha… were you expecting the twist in this comic strip? Let it be known though that I don’t advocate for any cruelty to animals and insects with the exception for roaches and mosquitoes. Hence, please don’t go around killing butterflies. Interestingly, a useless fact about me is I find butterflies creepy. Blame it on a television program that I watched during my childhood that cast the butterflies in an eerie light.

Inspiration: I don’t know about you but I always have this nervousness when I am due for something important. The expression “butterflies in my stomach”, though used many times, is still a very appropriate description of that feeling. So when I know I am scheduled for a job interview, the idea just hit me that I should combine the butterflies with the interview to give my own spin on it.

For anyone out there who is preparing for job interviews, I recommend this post which contains 50 common interview questions because it really helped me lots during my interview. I would say that my interview went well as I was prepared and I didn’t freak out at the questions. And trust me, I would have if I didn’t do this “homework”.

Of course, notwithstanding that there were no hiccups during the interview, ultimately it still depends on the job match and the interviewers’ sensing of whether you fit in with their corporate culture as they have a pool of candidates to choose from. Like the comic strip above, you can have a wealth of experience and beautiful talent but it may simply not gel with the organisation. You just need to keep pressing on and believe that you are able to find the one job that would allow you to use your talent and develop your true potential!


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