The reason my Mum is angry

23 Oct

Angry Brows MumWell, my mum is not exactly angry. Anyway, the above is a hilarious real life situation that happens every now and then with my mum and I. She would get her brows tattooed and I would tease her for a few days asking her why she is looking so angry. Yes, I know I am mean but this is becoming like a little fun game for my mum and I, instead of boringly acknowledging that she got her brows tattooed. Okay, I admit its more fun for me than for my mum.

I am totally supportive of anyone putting in the efforts into improving their physical appearance. That is one way of loving oneself. However, my take is it is crucial that whatever you are doing, the effect appears natural for you. If you trying too hard, it shows and it is usually not in a good way.

Somehow my little game seems to have “educated” my mum in the right direction. Her tattooed brows nowadays are not as thick and dark as the first few times she did them. Our little game may eventually end one day but till then, it is our unique bonding activity. πŸ™‚


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