Journey to improve my doodling skills

11 Oct

This blog not only houses my thoughts and certain events of my life but also documents the improvements in my doodling skills as time passes. From not knowing how to use a Wacom Pen when I first started the blog, I have learned how to doodle using the free openCanvas Lite software that was bundled with the Wacom Pen.

Now, I am trying to learn the basics of Abode Illustrator to further improve my doodling skills. Although the concept of the pen tool is rather difficult to grasp, the features on Abode Illustrator are so amazing compared to openCanvas Lite! It is as though a whole new world is made available to me and I am excited with the possibilities of vector art!Β For those who are interested to learn Abode Illustrator, I find thisΒ YouTube teacherΒ very useful as he gives a very easy to follow tutorial.

I shall continue to upgrade my technical skills so that I can better materialise the crazy, goofy and lame shit visions in my head! So stay tuned! Next post will contain artwork using Abode Illustrator. πŸ™‚


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