The next big thing in fashion.

4 Oct

A slim silhouette used to be an epitome of beauty for girls and an unfortunate sizing for scrawny guys. Yours truly is in the latter category even though I have been trying hard to eat my way out of it.

The current fashion trend on skinny jeans however changes that perspective for guys. Nowadays, guys wearing slim and skinny cut jeans is a common sight to behold on the streets. Even not so slim guys are squeezing in to this fashion trend. Somehow the legs wrapped in skin-tight denim material in the hot Singapore climate just puts an image of a stuffed turkey baking in an oven in my mind.  This observer feels excruciatingly uncomfortable for the wearer. But of course, fashion comes first! Comfort comes later when you peel off the jeans for a shower.

To give more room to guys with bigger hips, in came Carrot Jeans. The cutting is roomier at the top half of the jeans and narrow from the knee downwards.

Will this skinny jeans phenomenon stop there?

Definitely not! My prediction for the next big thing in jeans is that there will be an even skinnier cut – Bamboo jeans!

Drawing inspiration from the buzz on Kai Kai & Jia Jia, the panda couple that is now in Singapore, we know there is a huge market for panda related merchandise. So why not panda’s favourite food?

The thin frame of the bamboo is just the right sleek cut needed for jeans and it celebrates the beauty of the bone structure of the wearer. The bamboo green also gives a Zen like vibe and is a fresh colour that stands out from those common maroon or blue jeans.

To top of the look, you will need to have the panda inspired eye shadow which is seductively adorable. Girls will not be able to resist looking at you.

Take note that Bamboo jeans would not be accessible by all as it is limited by the skeletal structure of the wearer. Then again, high-end fashion is never accessible by the mass market. So start losing the fats on your calves and thighs today cause you want to be ready when the Bamboo Jeans trend catches on.

You hear it first from Rusty! 🙂


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