Making babies – little bundles of terror.

28 Sep

I can’t help but chuckle every time I hear about the new incentives to encourage Singaporeans to make more babies. One, because the government is openly encouraging people to do “it” more often. Two, it is got to be a world first that you actually need incentives to do “it.

While the incentives like earlier housing, monetary grants and paternity leave provides a peace of mind for Singaporean couples when they do decide to have a baby, they ain’t game changing moves that will make the couples decide to have a baby.

In fact, if you are the group that subscribes to the thinking that Men are born Evil and only through life experiences does Men cultivate goodness. Then by that notion, babies are devilishly evil creatures hidden in angelica, innocent, cute little packages. 🙂

Anyway, the bottom line is having a baby is a life time commitment with no product guarantee and no return policy! Yes, you heard me right. You cannot return the baby if the he decides to cry and scream. And babies do cry and scream a lot!

Crying baby at 3 am in the morning!

Crying baby when taking a shower! 

Crying baby when you take his toy from him for meal time!

When your baby is not crying, it is an energetic Duracell bunny that crawls, runs, jumps, rolls, dance around.  You burn zillion of calories trying to prevent your baby from hurting himself or breaking something.

In addition, having a baby means you are buying into a life time of worry. Your life revolves around your kid and you worry about his everything. What schools should he go to? Will he have good grades? How he measure up to his peers? Is he healthy? Is he eating well? If he goes on his first vacation out of the country, you worry if the travel is safe? If you have a dollar for every time you worry about your kid, you may just be a millionaire!

That’s why tortured parents look like zombies from looking after the little ones.

If babies are such little bundles of terror, why are they still couples willing to make babies. Well, besides the occasional couples who are uneducated to the terrors of the baby and those that do not know how to protect themselves from making babies, at the end of the day, what parents crave for is that sweet little gesture (like a hug or kiss) from their little one that will simply melt their heart and make it all worth it. This special warm fuzzy feeling is a unique emotion that you cannot get from other relationships and is able to transcends all hardships that you face. That is why you have a kid!

On the same basis, give your parents a sweet little gesture to thank them for taking the plunge years ago to have you as a kid.

And that is how Rusty sees it! 🙂


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