CNBC Article on Amazon counterfeiters

1 Jun

Just a short post to share and thank the amazing people at CNBC, especially the author,¬†Ari Levy for writing this piece “Amazon counterfeiters wreak havoc on artists and small businesses”. It really brings out the difficulties that we indie artists faced with the copyright thefts on Amazon.

I will also like to thank the artists who reached out to Ari and making this article happen.

I sincerely hope this article reaches out to more people so that they can be more wary of the quality of the goods they are getting if they buy from dubious sellers on Amazon. I also hope that Amazon takes a strong stance against such copyright infringements.

Do read and share the article if you are an indie artist or designer!

Little Sunshine to Brighten Your Day

26 May


Was doing a custom work for a client using one of my sunshine graphics. And as I was looking at it, I thought it will make a nice and cheerful gif animation. So I meddled with Illustrator and Photoshop to make this.

Hope this brightens your day! ūüôā

What Indie Artists Search on Amazon

19 May


It’s been a super long while since my last post and yet unfortunately, this is sort of a ranting cartoon comic about Amazon¬†image thieves sellers who are stealing and profiting from indie artists’ artworks.

Don’t get me wrong, as a consumer, I like Amazon on how I can get products like the¬†Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Color Pocket Plus that are not available locally.

However, the image thieves are increasingly hurting indie artists real bad by stealing more and more of their artworks from various websites like Zazzle and other print on demand companies and selling them on Amazon. While you can send out infringement notices to Amazon to take out those products, which in itself will take a while, the thieves can easily and quickly duplicate the stores under a new name in Amazon and start selling again.

I spent yesterday JUST combing Amazon and sending out infringement notices. I found 38 instances but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. My fellow artists and designers on Zazzle has been sending out infringement notices every other day! It’s is like you shut down one, a few more pops up on Amazon. I can’t imagine doing this zero value activity everyday instead of drawing!

If you think it’s only affecting artists, do note that this issue also affects YOU as a consumer. It is questionable if this image thieves¬†do fulfil the orders. And even if they do, consumers run the risk of receiving products with poor quality images because the images stolen are for web quality not print quality.

If you are an artist or has friends who are artists, please spread the word and raise awareness on this matter. Sooner or later the thieves are going to come to you too if Amazon doesn’t step up the preventive measures.

There is an on going petition to Amazon do something about this matter. It is started by fellow designer, Cindy Bendel. If you will like to support this cause or read up more information on this, please visit the petition site.

Side note: This piece is different from what I publish usually because I drew this out in pen, scanned and digitally coloured it.

In addition, a quick update about what’s going on, I am spending more time learning and practising new art forms such as watercolour painting, stamp carving and brush lettering. And I have started an Instagram account to document my doodles.

Singapore turning 50

2 Aug

Singapore is turning 50 on 9 August 2015! It is going to be a big celebration the coming weekend with lots of fireworks!

Did this sketch with markers of the various iconic structures, landmarks and things in Singapore which I like.

Make a guess what they are! Answers after the picture.

Sketching with Markers SG 50

From left to right.

Orchid flowers РSingapore National Flower is an Orchid. It also reminds me of the Singapore Botanical Gardens which has recently been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Esplanade РA place for the performing arts. Its exterior design looks like the shell of the fruit, durian. And we Singaporeans love durians!

Marina Bay Sands – I am still waiting for an opportunity to visit the Infinity Pool at level 57 of this hotel. The three towers of the Marina Bay Sands are spectacular pieces for the Singapore skyline and they provide free laser light shows!

Changi Control Tower at the Airport – The landmark that welcomes or bids me farewell as I go return or go overseas for a holiday.

Merlion – A mystical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish. Singapore’s mascot.

SuperTree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

If you are visiting Singapore, do drop by these places!

Sketching with Markers – Afternoon Tea in the Gardens

23 Jul

Today, I get to attend a free program organised by the Library titled “Sketching with Markers”. It was a fun session and I learned new techniques like using various textures and patterns to create depth and shading. I must say everyone in my session is so talented. Art is stronger in Singapore than I thought!

The theme for today is nature and the session was in the afternoon. So I came up with this sketch of the cheerful sunflower, and the butterfly and little fairy having afternoon tea. I need to practise more but I am happy with my attempt. Thank you Library and the Guest Speakers for making this happen!

Butterfly and Fairy Tea Party

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